Inpatient Services

Since we began caring for our first client in 1977, Hospice of Spokane has worked hard to help each individual remain in whatever setting they call home — be that a house, an apartment, an adult family home, an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or somewhere else. We do this because we know home is where most people want to spend their final days.

Personal Choice

In some cases, staying at home isn’t an option. Perhaps managing pain and symptoms at home is too difficult or impractical for the caregiver. Maybe you don’t have someone to help care for you. When your situation requires around-the-clock care by a registered nurse, we can help you get that level of care in a nursing home, a hospital, or in our Hospice House. We have a long history of close collaboration with – and providing care in – Northeast Washington’s hospitals and nursing homes (a.k.a., skilled nursing facilities).

If you would like to check the availablility of area nursing homes, click this link to the Spokane Regional Chapter WSRCC Adult Family Homes Association:

Another option for this level of care is the Hospice House.

Hospice House

As a resident of the Hospice House, you will have a private room with many of the comforts of home and space for visiting family and friends. Located on the corner of Seventh and Chandler (367 E. 7th, Spokane), Hospice House is in a central location. Your visitors have easy access to the freeway, and will find many services (hotels, restaurants, etc.) situated nearby.

You will also have all of the medical, emotional, and spiritual care services Hospice of Spokane has to offer. Physicians, nurses and nurse aides, social workers and grief counselors and chaplains – all coming right to the client to help in their own way. And the door is always open for your personal doctor to care for you in the Hospice House.

When you are in the Hospice House, you don’t need to worry about the prescription drugs related to the terminal illness … we’ll take care of them. If you need special equipment that we don’t have in the house, or your treatment calls for special therapies, we’ll address those needs too.

Being in the Hospice House means you can get the same level of hospice care you would receive in a hospital or nursing home. Being in the house means you won’t need to move from one location to another as your health changes.