About Us

Hospice_of_Spokane-588Hospice of Spokane cares for anyone of any age with any terminal condition. Anyone can refer a person to Hospice of Spokane. Individuals are eligible for hospice care if their life expectancy is six months or less and they no longer desire life-prolonging treatments.

Hospice of Spokane, our community’s only nonprofit hospice, was among the first hospices in the United States and has served the Greater Spokane area since 1977. We are nationally-recognized as experts in helping people handle end-of-life issues with grace, dignity, comfort and peace of mind. Our comprehensive knowledge, reputation and trust of the community come from decades of experience and dedication to providing the highest quality care.

Our patient-centered care is provided by interdisciplinary teams comprised of physicians, nurses, social workers, nurse aides, volunteers, chaplains, bereavement counselors and other professionals. From delivering specialized care right in the home day or night, to around-the-clock phone support and grief counseling for family members, we are here for you.

Our Philosophy
The final stages of life are as important as all other stages, deserving presence, respect and dignity as well as freedom of choice. We provide care which emphasizes:

  • Principles of death with dignity and grace
  • Palliative care (comfort care)
  • Individual’s control over life
  • Alleviation of fears of dying alone
  • Support for family and loved ones before, during and following death

Our Mission
Hospice of Spokane embraces its role as a model for excellence in end-of-life care. We are a nonprofit, nondenominational, community-based organization that:

  • Affirms life and intends to neither hasten nor prolong death
  • Honors the dignity of the terminally ill
  • Strives to alleviate suffering – physical, emotional, social and spiritual
  • Provides comprehensive hospice care and services
  • Educates the community about hospice services and end of life issues
  • Offers bereavement counseling services and support
  • Embraces all cultures